Thursday, September 2, 2010

Basket Camp

Basket camp on the north shore of scenic Lake Erie included early morning walks with Duke and Hansen.

Last week, three friends met at Lakeshore Willows for three days of concentrated weaving with willow. Square work was a first for Lene and Janice who met at the SOBG's June willow workshop.

The easy part was making the base and the hardest part was learning to scallom the willow stakes. All survived the experience and we each have a beautiful and practical garden tote for show and tell at the next guild meeting.

On to the next project - a rather large bird feeder. We worked through the day and by late (very late) evening only the border on the roof was left for next morning when we hoped we'd be fresh and brighter eyed.

To keep the stakes in good condition for doing the border, we used wet towels and the overnight dew. It worked perfectly.

It went well - these bird feeders look just amazing. We think basket camp is great and hope we can have another one soon.


Salix said...

Thank you, Frances for this lovely post. It was great fun, indeed. Thank you so much for being our teacher.
Looking forward to next time.

Linda Starr said...

a basket camp, oh I just took my first basket weaving class and I am hooked.

Anonymous said...

no way, woven bird feeders? They look gorgeous and how much nicer than the (environmentally taxing) plastic ones we can buy at the store. Amazing!