Sunday, February 8, 2009

Willow in Lunenburg 2007

In summer 2007, fellow willow enthusiast Jane and I attended Heather Sanft's 3-day class at the Lunenburg Seaside Craft School at Old Newtown School.  It is a picturesque building near the water and across from the docks.  The historic school is used for home economics classes, students walk across the road from the high school.  It was fun weaving baskets next to stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, washers and dryers.  Our tables had sewing machine desks under them.  Huge bundles of willow were available and there was an interesting selection of projects.  As always, Heather amiably teaches at the student's own skill level.

A number of beautiful round baskets of all shapes and sizes were created by the 7 students, 3 from Nova Scotia and 4 "from away" - Iowa, Virginia, Massachusetts and Ontario.  The third day, after learning how to add different styles of handles, we were treated to Heather's slides revealing her journey through baskethood in France and England and of her wonderful commissioned projects.  The day was quite relaxed.  Heather showed how to make a tension tray and Jane taught a spiral baby rattle.  There was much conversation and once again we have a new set of basketry contacts.  Sian from Antigonish grows her own willow - we had much common experience to share!

Lunenburg is beautiful and picturesque.  The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic is unbeatable, one of the best of its kind.  The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the icing on the cake was a Monday evening concert in the miraculously rebuilt St. John's church.  We were treated to a phenomenal performance by Elecktra, an internationally known women's choir from Vancouver.

Jane and I were still so excited about willow that at the B & B, very late the night after the class, we wove the last few tips of willow into tiny spiral weave baskets.


Salix said...

Frances, those are wonderful photos and renditions. Looking forward to see more.

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Wonderful piece of art, I wish I could join your group.

Very nice/ Tyra

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Anonymous said...

Frances, How do you do the rim for your spiral weave basket? It looks braided. I looked it up in Verdet-Fierz's Willow Basketry and couldn't find it. Could it be under another name?
Thanks, Nancy